Forward into the Past

Library literature seems to be very focused on the cutting edge of modern technology.  I would really like some of that right about now.

Here is the day I had.  Upon getting to work I discovered that my boss’ computer would not boot (only gasping out 2 beeps of death).  This was followed by having to rewire a vcr without stereo capability.  The day then finished by clearing out some old hardware from our computer room (or graveyard), including a Bondwell 2.

If you have never heard of a Bondwell 2 I wouldn’t be surprised.  I researched it for fun today.  It’s a laptop from 1985 that was notable for being the first computer to use the modern laptop form factor, or so wikipedia has led me to believe.  It’s kind of neat actually, in a gazing upon a piece of history sort of way.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is that having library advocates push for the use of modern technology is all well and good (and I really do support it), but today I’m thinking we might need to focus on how to make do with less as well.

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