Inspirational architecture

A friend just sent me this nice little article from the Guardian on current trends in library design.  This is a great write up on the approaches that library ought to be taking in regards to planning for the future, so of course it came from outside of the professional literature.  The focus of it is largely on making libraries environments that are more conducive to learning through their physical design.

This is an issue that is dear to my heart as my own library is in the middle of a renovation project.  Sadly, while the interior will be vastly improved, in the end the exterior will still look like a fallout shelter.  But then we can’t all be like the Cerritos library which has among other things a 15,000 gallon saltwater aquarium and a T-Rex.  I’m gradually coming to terms with this sad fact.

Anyway, architecture seems to be the one aspect of progress that libraries really have a handle on.  With each renovated building, libraries are becoming more desirable places to learn, work, or just relax.  I know of a number of regular patrons who come to the library solely because it’s a far better place for aiding their concentration than their own homes (and this is while the sound of drilling is resonating throughout the building).  This is a huge credit to the work being done by all libraries, and I must say it’s really nice to be able to say something positive here for once.

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