Britannica for Bloggers

I’m going to be absolutely shameless for once.  Encyclopedia Britannica has just announced that it will be made available for free to qualified web publishers, “including bloggers, webmasters, and anyone who writes for the Internet”.   This strikes me as a fairly blatant swipe at Wikipedia, but it’s an excellent move nonetheless.  I’m registering right now.

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2 Comments on “Britannica for Bloggers”

  1. Kunal Sen Says:

    I should also point out that another easy way to find relevant Britannica articles is to subscribe to Google’s Subscribed Link program ( and add EB. Now each time you search on Google, if there is a relevant EB content then it would be on the first page of Google results. – Kunal Sen (Britannica)

  2. geekylibrarian Says:

    This site does indeed qualify for Britannica.

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