Going Mobile

The LibrarianInBlack has been thinking about taking catalogs mobile and asks the big question, why hasn’t anyone done this already?  Well that’s not quite true, according to her link to a study by Edward Vielmetti there are actually 15 libraries who have taken this step, but that’s such an insignificant number that it might as well be no one.

Meanwhile, in the non-library focused part of the web Apple announced the IPhone 2.0 today at the WWDC.  The price is being knocked down so that it is almost affordable, which means even more people will be out there with mobile web devices, and that’s definitely a trend that’s going to continue.  This is a huge market that we absolutely have to tap into, and it’s unforgivable that only 15 libraries have taken this step.

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2 Comments on “Going Mobile”

  1. Yes, 15 sites is pretty small, though I don’t know if I have found everyone yet. There appears to be at least one product option for a mainstream catalog system that gives you that.

    What is noticable is that catalog vendors are recreating the early 1990s menu system in these products, with no hint yet of any shiny iPhone style goodness, which I think is a shame.

  2. geekylibrarian Says:

    That’s an excellent point. And for a really good example, in Massachusetts we use the virtual catalog (http://mblc.state.ma.us/books/catalogs/vc/index.php) provided by Sirsi Dynex (or we would if it were functioning this week), which is still designed using frames.

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