101 Uses For A Wii

Now that we’ve gotten our grubby little hands on a Wii (along with Rock Band and DDR) a colleague and me have been trying to work out how best to use them.  We sadly do not have the means to set them up on a regular basis, so we are looking at periodic (possibly monthly) programming.  Our pitch was for teen gaming nights but now we’re both thinking that we should open up our target group some more (largely because most of the staff is interested so we’re assuming others outside the library would be as well).

So, I have a few questions and I’m very interesting in what peoples’ opinions are:

1) How do you market an adult gaming night and how different should it be from a teen one?

2) Is it better to treat a gaming event as a competition or are people more interested in just playing for the sake of playing?  Is this different for adults and for teens?

3) Would teens be ok with playing with 1 library staff team?

4) How much time can I justify playing the game in order to unlock things before our first game night? 🙂

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4 Comments on “101 Uses For A Wii”

  1. clintthewookie Says:

    1. I’m thinking there wouldn’t be much difference between a teen night and a adult night.

    2.A tourney would appeal more to hardcore gamers, but you should have a free play as well.

    3.I am a teen and I wouldn’t care if a library staff team played as well. Could be a way to prove we are better than adults.

    4. Rock Band might have an unlock all cheat (Guitar Hero does). If not, you could play it on medium with your favorite instrument and unlock all the songs for quick play. I don’t know much about DDR.

  2. geekylibrarian Says:

    Thank you very much for the comments. I really appreciate getting some teen feedback on this since I’ve been kind of stuck organizing this from a back room without much contact with our patrons.

    I should warn you however I can play on expert mode on guitar so don’t count the adults out completely 🙂

  3. JasonT Says:

    I think if you’re trying to attract a more general audience of people who don’t already own such games at home, you might do well to start with free play for a night or two here and there, and then follow up with a tourney later.

    Are you under any obligation to link this back to education or something? (Maybe it’s enough to convince everyone that libraries are totally l33t.)

  4. geekylibrarian Says:

    We’re really under no obligation besides getting our money’s worth out of the purchase. This was paid for by the friends of the library for programming purposes (under the theory that a performer could cost nearly as much for only a 1 time event).

    I like the idea of trying to use the Wii for some nobler purpose, but honestly this is more about getting people in the door than anything else.

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