Spotlight On Doctor Who

Tonight marks the end of an era.  For four years Russel T. Davies has masterminded the greatest revival in television history, Doctor Who.  Under his guidance the show has become what is to my mind the best piece of speculative fiction to ever grace a video camera.

What sets this show apart is the sense of wonder, something that I often find lacking in SF productions.  I think writers/directors have a tendency to think that merely showing something incredible on the screen is enough.  But Russel Davies and company know better, you need some joy infused into the story as well.  What they have come up with is a Doctor who is constantly awestruck by his travels.  He explores time and space simply because it’s there to be explored, and to quote he finds nearly everything he sees “brilliant”.

Granted even without the Doctor’s point of view the show would be pretty damn good.  Anytime you have back to back episodes in which one features an electric light orchestra tribute band and the next focuses on a planet orbiting a black hole in order to imprison the devil you’re doing something right.  This is a show with a real sense of scale, anything can happen in any given episode, and it’s not affraid to have a little fun along the way.  It’s also fortunate enough to have the pick of the BBC when it comes to casting, Derek Jakobi, Anthony Stewart Head, and Simon Pegg among others have all made guest appearances (and all as villains actually).

I cannot recommend this show highly enough.  Simply put, every single episode has left me grinning ear to ear, and that still happens on repeat viewings.

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