Review: Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is the first manga I’ve read in quite a while and man is it an odd little series.  The book focuses on a group of 5 out of work college grads (and one puppet) who decide to start a business that conducts favors for the recently deceased thanks to one of them who can talk to ghosts.  The end result is a bizarre sort of horror/mystery/comedy with a truly unique tone that I loved.

In a basic Kurosagi story the group finds a corpse that died under some sort of mysterious circumstances, investigates the death, and then carts the body off to whoever was responsible so that it can be reanimated and get revenge.  The team then realizes they forgot to work out how to get paid for their services and then goes back to eating Ramen Noodles.  These stories can feel a bit formulaic at times but Eiji Ohtsuka milks the concept for all its worth so that it never actually feels repetative.

It’s also amazing how well he manages to balance both the humor and the horror of these stories.  Make no mistakes this is a horror book and some truly awful things occur throughout the series.  We recently purchased this series for the library and I actually have a few reservations about adding it to the collection due to a scene in the first volume (but that is the only time that I feel it may cross that boundary).  So clearly this is not a book for everyone, but I happened to love it.

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