The Day the Internets Died

So today at the library we spent a full day without out internet connection due to a massive infrastructure upgrade.  We knew it was coming so we prepared and put up notices a week in advance to warn our patrons.  But I don’t think anyone really expected the advanced warning to work based on prior experiences.

Not to long back in the midst of our renovations we were down 6 computers due to recarpeting and had them unplugged and surrounded by caution tape and patrons still tried to use them.  At least one patron I know of had to attempt all 6 of them.  So I must admit to being pleasantly surprised today when only 2 patrons came up and asked me why the computers were down.

And thanks to some great work by the techs from the region everything should be working for tomorrow.  It’s really refreshing when everything works out.

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One Comment on “The Day the Internets Died”

  1. I love it when people think that stuff doesn’t apply to them. How can they just ignore yellow caution tape around the computer?

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