Review: Scud the Disposable Assassin

Writing partners Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon have an incredible resume for a couple of guys who elicit absolutly no name recognition with anyone.  However, their collaborations are pretty well known.  They gained attention early on with the now classic D&D based short, “Summoner Geeks”:

Next the worked with Ben Stiller, Owen WIlson and Jack Black on the best tv pilot to never be picked up for a series, “Heat Vision and Jack”:

More recently the two have scripted the film Monster House, and are co-creators of the Sarah Silverman Program (on which Scrab also plays the role of “Mini” Coffee).

And along the way the two also created a 24 issue comic that Image has finally collected in Scud the Disposable Assassin: the Whole Shebang.  The story is about a robotic assassin purchased from a vending machine who is programed to self-destruct upon completing his assignment (killing a part squid, part whatever junk was lying around at the time, horsewoman of the apocalypse named Jeff).  However, Scud quickly decides that he doesn’t want to blow up so he is forced to keep finding ways to incapacitate Jeff instead.  Whenever Jeff is out of the way he goes off on his own adventures with his companion Drywall (an incredibly emmotive interdimensional filing system inside a zipper covered sack) and encounters mobsters, time traveling horses, Voodoo Ben Franklin, the head of Jane Mansfield and God.

The book is alot of fun and really showcases an imagination run wild.  About the only fault with it is that the art occasionally a little hard to follow.  Although the reason for that is primarily because of the frantic sort of energy displayed on each page so I can’t really put it down that much.  And the design work on many of the creatures is brilliant.  There’s not a single image of Drywall in the entire book that doesn’t ellicit a smile from me.  It’s just a shame that with their television and film careers this is probably the only comic work we’ll be seeing from Schrab and Harmon.

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