Aging and the news

The New York Times (via Kathryn Cramer) has an article up on the current demographics for tv news, and it’s a bit startling.  The median age of the television news viewer is over 60 (with the median Fox News viewer 63.9).  The actual article is kind of garbage, focusing primarily on the difficulties in courting young voters given those statistics.

Which begs the question, will traditional tv news broadcasts (somehow I don’t think the Daily Show was included in this study) survive another generation?  And is that actually a problem?  I’m certainly amongst those who refuse to watch the news broadcasts, prefering to get my news from a number of online sources (they update faster, don’t have commercial breaks, and I can find sources with less of a bias).  News is just one of the things the internet excells at (although not how to navigate it).

So I hope the reason for the age gap in the news is that people are just going to other sources, although opting for ignorance wouldn’t surprise me terribly either.

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