Review: Pirate Sun

Karl Schroeder’s Virga series is a masterpiece of world building.  The story takes place in an enclosed, artificial solar system in which gravity is a commodity.  The prior two books in the series, Sun of Suns and Queen of Candesce, were a pair of stunningly original space operas.  However, the third volume doesn’t quite have that same level of originality.

There are still the occasional flourishes that reminded me of the other books, finding a way to weaponize a lake was pretty good.  But most of this book was dedicated to wraping up the loose plot threads to form a pseudo-trilogy (pseudo because there’s a volume four on the way that I suspect will start a new plot).

The book is a briskly paced adventure, that does a great job of progressing the story, but unlike the other books this one cannot stand on its own.

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