One Liners

For your reading enjoyment, some random lines taken out of context from a surreal day:

Are patrons allowed to challenge the bulletin board?

All the public computers have stopped working except [the four that haven’t been working].

I think we’re stretching the rubber band jokes a little too far.

One time I glued plastic eyes to a raccoon skull.

Why does the record for Oprah Book #62 say it’s written by not available?

The radio station will be doing a 2 hour live feed during the Rock Band Night.

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2 Comments on “One Liners”

  1. Elleander Says:

    I’m suprised you’ve never heard of Not Available., a very popular author who writes many of the new titles on order. I think he’s related to Nobody, the library staff person who changes prices in item records and deletes holds and misshelves books.

    But — didn’t you love the Rubber Band-It?

  2. geekylibrarian Says:

    There’s definitely love for the rubber band-it. It just totally slipped my mind at the time.

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