Rock Band: the Aftermath

Our first video game night was a huge success.  We drew a crowd of 86, which was incredible compared to the rest of our teen programing events.  But man am I exhausted .  We went all out for this event.  Four of us kept things running, with some extra help from the youth commission.  Our director and a rep from the friends were also in the audience to keep an eye on things (and in the case of the friends to see how their investment panned out, they were happy).

We drew a great crowd too.  I’ll admit to having been a bit worried, partly because we had no idea how many people to expect, and partly because of worries over the vastly different skill levels of those who came.  The later actually did pose some problems as the less skilled players tended to fail out of their turns quickly.  But the kids we got were great, with many of the better players chipping in to help the others.  I began the night by playing a tech support role, which was quickly rendered unnecessary.

Which was great for the second half of the night when (after a little coaxing from our childrens librarian) I challenged anyone who was willing to a guitar dual.  I was really surprised by how much the audience actually got into this.  The biggest cheers of the night came from this portion actually.  For quite a few the people there this seemed to be the highlight.  But despite the fact that I’ve already been issued challenges for the next time, we may change how we run it again.  Too few people get to play, and after playing 12 of the hardest songs on expert in a row I can barely feel my arm.  The current thinking is that we’ll just do it as a winner stays on sort of thing.  But then maybe I’ll be recovered in time for next month.


We’ve got a few other glitches to work out as well.  We could probably use to do a better job of organizing the order of play.  We also really need to improve the sound.  We tried to tap into the speakers in our auditorium and we failed compleatly.  We wound up having to use the ones embedded in our projector, which worked okay for the people playing, but was nearly impossible for the audience to hear.  Although it may have worked out okay for the radio broadcast in the back of the room (getting interviewed live with a time limit was a bit weird).

But we’ve got a month to improve on that and we’ve got an incredible base to build on right now.  Despite my current exhaustion, I can’t wait for next month to come.

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