Review: Scalped Vol.3 Dead Mothers

Jason Aaron is rapidly becoming my new favorite comics writer.  He came out of nowhere a little over two years ago with the Other Side, the best war comic of the last 20 years not written by Garth Ennis.  He then went on to write one of the few Wolverine stories in recent years that has been any good, and has recently become the ongoing writer of Ghost Rider of all things.  

And then there’s Scalped, the heir apparent to 100 Bullets as Vertigo’s flagship crime book.  I can’t say much about the latest volume without giving away huge chunks of the plot.  Suffice to say that things get much worse for the book’s protagonist, Dashiell Bad Horse.  As for the quality of the book, it’s as good as ever.  Aaron’s writing feels like a punch in the gut and R.M. Guera’s art (which reminds me of Paul Pope and Richard Corben at times) fits the mood perfectly.  This is rapidly becoming Vertigo’s best book.

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One Comment on “Review: Scalped Vol.3 Dead Mothers”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    One of our staff interviewed Jason Aaron (Alabama author, no less) and I thought you might like to take a listen to the podcast. Click here >> .

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