Review: Showcase Presents Green Lantern Vol.2

Green Lantern, despite being one of DC’s biggest titles, was also one of the siliest for a long time.  During the silver age era collected here, Green Lantern could do anything, except affect things that were yellow (even if those yellow things were actually invisible).  His villains weren’t much better at the time.  This book introduces the Shark (a shark evolved into a human), Goldface (who becomes immune to Green Lantern’s powers by drinking gold), Evil Star (and his evil Starling minions), Doctor Polaris (back when he was a schizophrenic who worshiped magnatism) and Black Hand (whose defining characteristic in his first appearance was a love of cliches).

In other words it’s a fairly standard silver age book from DC, nd by that standard there are a few things that help it to stand out.  First and foremost is the art from Gil Kane.  Kane was one of the most gifted super hero artists ever, and Green Lantern was probably his best work.  This was a book in which completely crazy things happened in every issue, and I don’t know of another artist who could have drawn half of what occurs here with the same level of skill.  This is a beautiful comic, such that it’s almost enough to make up for the rest of the book’s flaws, but not quite.

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