Review: Nation

Nation is Terry Pratchett’s first non-Discworld book in ages, it’s also clearly one of the books he has been most passionate about.

Essentially this is a desert island story.  A tidal wave decimates an island tribe and one European boat, leaving a handful of survivors build a civilization from scratch.  This gives Pratchett plenty of material to use for exploring many of his pet themes.  Although he does it here with slightly less humor than usual, and not a single footnote.  Nation feels like it was written outside of Pratchett’s comfort zone, but I think that comes off as a strength considering that one of the larger elements of the story is a journey of self discovery.  Thus the entire book comes off feeling like a truly personal story.  

It seems like Pratchett routinely does his best work when writing for a YA audience, and I think this is my favorite of those novels.

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