Review: Superman Chronicles Vol.3

The Superman Chronicles is DC’s attempt to reprint every Superman appearance in chronological order.  Somehow I doubt this project (or the Batman one for that matter) will actually finish, but it’s nice to get these early stories in an affordable color format.  

Volume 3 covers the begining of 1940 and is mostly notable for featuring the first few appearances of Lex Luthor (back in the days when he had hair).  None of the characters have crystalized yet, Lois exists solely to point out how embarrisingly timid Clark Kent is, Superman isn’t above letting a gangster or two die, and Luthor’s just evil for the hell of it.  Oh and for some reason no one knows that Superman exists despite all his adventures being very public.

But the stories of this proto-Superman do make for an interesting read, although probably only for the die-hard fans.

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One Comment on “Review: Superman Chronicles Vol.3”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Hi; this is only a tangentially related question, but of all the librarian-blogs I’ve come across, yours seems the most appropriate and receptive to this kind of question. My question is this: Why do libraries group graphic novels/comics in trade paperback all in one category, rather than have them delineated into categories similar to – if not within – those of the rest of the library. What I mean is, why not put something non-fiction, say a memoir like Blankets, or Fun Home, in the non-fiction/memoir section, instead of simply alongside other comics. Is it simply something to do with ISBNs, or along those lines? I ask because I have always wondered this, and think that such a categorization of comics would be beneficial in the long run to their growth in libraries and academia. Not all, but much of what is in a library seems to be organized by content, not form; besides that, it just seems silly to have to wade through a bunch of superhero junk to find the great, literary-quality graphic novels (and I say that as a huge reader and weekly purchaser of said-superhero-junk). Anyway, thanks for your time!

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