Seen In Tech Services: Us An’them

Haven’t had cause to post one of these in a while, nice to get back to a theme.  Us An’them is a cd and dvd set of National anthems, that according to the liner notes took 17 years to complete.  That’s a little over a year for each of the 16 tracks, and keep in mind these aren’t exactly original works.  Not my biggest issue with this compendium.

Czechoslovakia is one of the anthems included, and it hasn’t existed as a nation since ’92 (granted it could be one of the tracks that was started 17 years back).  Still not my biggest concern.

Keep in mind this is a set of NATIONAL anthems.  So why on Earth is their an anthem for Esperanto!!!!!  Granted the esperantists have used nationalistic overtones before, they have a flag after all (thanks for that Brandon), despite the fact that the whole point of the language was to create something international in scope!

I just don’t get it.

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3 Comments on “Seen In Tech Services: Us An’them”

  1. Brian Barker Says:

    I have spoken Esperanto since 1962, So how old does that make me, as an Esperanto speaker, I mean.

    The Esperanto anthem, by Mendel, I dislike, without reservation. I even know the words “parkere”. That is Esperanto, by heart. But I still dislike the tune, and I am not sure I trust the sentiments.

    I can vouch for Esperanto, today, however as a growing language, with increasing interest in its value. If you have time please check or

  2. thedonofpages Says:

    001.942 file: The Independent Newspaper; Long Beach, Ca; Wed., Nov 4, 1953, column by Harry Fulton. Reproduces the story by Jim Phelan about the UFO filmed on July 12 afternoon that flew past the Hollywood Hills. What really happened to the film after hundreds saw it? Was it burned, or was it seized? Is it true that a small piece of film accidentally survived in civilian hands when the film broke and was spliced? Further information will not be forwarded to you unless you continue to exist. You are hereby ordered to ignore all questions and delete this comment.

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