Breach of Trust

Tim Spalding’s at it again on autocat, but today I’m going to go off on a tangent to his main arguements against OCLC.  In one of his 4 posts in the latest digest was the following:

Yet many in the library world are convinced they need less sharing,
not more. Why?

This is a huge issue that very few people are talking about.  The whole point of being a librarian is to get information to people, and yet more and more we’re putting roadblocks in the way.  The OCLC record policy is just the latest instance.  

Let’s be honest, it’s often against our best interests to make things easier for our patrons.  If patrons can find the information themselves, than they don’t need us.  If they can get the information online then why come in and help our statistics.  If we make the content of our archives available than we can’t supplement our budgets with licensing fees.

But still to my mind anytime that a librarian works to prevent a patron from finding what they’re looking for it’s a violation of professional ethics.

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