Where Are the Gamers?

Today I spent a decent amount of time communicating back and forth with another librarian who was looking into purchasing a Wii for their library.  So evidentally I’m now the video game expert for the consortia, which I’m cool with.  But the interesting part of this is while was sending e-mails back and forth one of my co-workers, who just received their MLS, came by and we began discussing games and libraries.

Specifically, she was kind of surprised that gaming wasn’t as wide spread as her coursework, and some of the professional journals, had led her to believe.  The real shock was when she learned that we were reported as being the first Mass. library to hold a game night, and that was just a few months back.  Happily many others quickly followed, but it’s still not exactly the next big thing in libraries that it’s been hyped as being.

So what’s the hold up?  I think it’s that we just don’t have enough librarian gamers.  Most of the successful gaming events I’ve become aware of seem to have one thing in common, someone on staff that feels passionate about bring games into libraries.  Partly it helps to have someone with the technical expertise to set everything up, but more importantly you’ll do a much better job of connecting with your audience if you can relate on their level. 

Hence, library’s need to hire more geeks.

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2 Comments on “Where Are the Gamers?”

  1. Chris Collins Says:

    Or a different type of geek?

  2. geekylibrarian Says:

    Of course, geeks are (or ought to be) in high demand. Having a knowledge of video games, graphic novels, the internet, networking equipment, etc… really makes for a very good resume in the public library world.

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