Mystery Hunt Begins

I’ll be off all weekend to participate in the annual MIT Mystery Hunt, essentiallyh 3 or so days of self-inflicted, puzzle-solving torture.  The hunt may be the highlight of my year, which kind of sucks considering it’s only the second week of January, but it is that awesome.

This’ll be my fifth year hunting I think, my second with the Grand Unified Theory of Love.  The event definitly falls more on the geekery side of my life than the librarian one, but there is some crossover potential here.  My main contribution to the team is probably as a researcher, which is something that comes in handy.  In past year’s I’ve had to conduct searches on lines from romance novels, excerpts of 80’s music videos, obscure license plates, plots of b-movies, world maps from 8-bit video games, and the typography of magazine logos, just to name a few.  Really there’s nothing like the hunt to remind you how being a reference librarian can actually be fun.

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