Talking About a Revolution

The Berkshire Eagle’s article on our DDR event was published today, and I am very pleased.  Not only did we get the first page of the weekly learning section and an above the fold link on the front page, but we got some nice art, a sidebar front and center advertising our video game events through the Spring, and a surprisingly good (yet still punny) headline, “You say you want a revolution”.

I’m impresed with the article too, in a way I’m often not where the Eagle’s concerned.  It’s a decent bit of publicity for us, while still remaining perfectly honest.  One of the attendees is quoted as saying they were just there for the food, while another says it’s nice to see the library finally catching on.  We don’t come off perfectly in the article, but we’re portrayed as an organization that is trying to be better.  I’m good with that.

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