Review: RASL Vol. 1

Rasl is Jeff Smith’s follow up to his 13 year labor of love, Bone.  Now Bone is widely considered to be the best all-ages book in comics, next to perhaps Carl Barks’ work for Disney, and is often compared favorably to the Hobbit.

But now Smith is clearly looking to do whatever is necessary to prevent being pigeonholed for the rest of his career.  Thus Rasl, the story of a physicist turned dimension hopping art thief who gets wraped up in a murder mystery.  It’s pretty much the total opposite of Bone in all ways, except for the skill shown in telling the story.  And the oversized format suits the material beautifully.

Sadly, this volume ends way too soon.  The ending felt like the completion of a chapter and not a volume.  But that all just shows how impatient I am to pick up volume 2, which has to count for something.

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