Living with Uncertainty

Sadly we’re living in interesting times at the moment and now the panic is starting to set in.  No one in my library is willing to bet on the safety of our current budget and that’s causing us all to second guess ourselves.

Budgets have always been a bit of a game.  You want to spend everything every year to show you need that much (and dare we say more), but at the same time you want to ensure there’s money in reserve if you need it.  Then take that usual tension and put it into the current situation and you’ve got a nice recipe for chaos.

We’ve got selectors afraid to place orders, or to not to.  We have no idea how to handle coverage for sick/vacation days.  And for my part I spent far too long today debating how much book tape we should be using up on our paperbacks, which is something that really isn’t going to affect our bottom line to any extent worth mentioning.

And the fun’s just starting.

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