Survey Madness!

I spent the majority of my time today compiling the numbers from our recent patron satisfaction survey.  The results are interesting, and I’m not sure how to interpret some of it in all honesty.

Our survey was distributed in a number of ways, online via survey monkey, in our friends’ newsletter, on paper at the service points in the building, and distributed to various schools and organizations around the city.  When combined, the results provide remarkably little useful information (with the exception of comments).  Apparently we’re doing everything well, and all our services are of critical importance (with the exception of circulating laptops).  Great for us!

But if you break the results down a little finer some slightly more interesting information comes to light.  People who filled out the survey online accounted for the great majority of the positive stats for many of our services (ILL, museum pass availability, and all our online resources).  

This was counterbalanced by the returns from one of the schools that required all their students to complete the survey.  Thus we have a large number of surveys from teens who say they’ve never come to the library.  That’s fine for some of the questions (how important is wi-fi access to you) but not so good for others (rate our customer service).  The teen demographic actually counts for the highest proportion of returns, and we know our regular audience skews a little older (unfortunately).

In a little over a week our planning committee will meet to analyze all this.  It should prove to be interesting.

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