Epic Fail

Today was our latest after school DDR event, and I’m pretty much ready to declare it a failure now.  We only had 5 participants today, and while there were some reasons that could have prompted an especially low turnout (first warm afternoon this year on a school day, fewer posters due to a printer failure) the fact remains that we’ve never had much luck with this program.

First of all, we’ve been unable to attract an audience during that time.  Our 5-8 session have done great, but we just can’t get teens to come right after school.  But also DDR has not been the draw that we hoped for.  Even those that came wanting to play quickly got bored and we’ve had to switch over to Rock Band every time.

I know other libraries have done very well with DDR, but I suspect we’ll never be one of them.

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3 Comments on “Epic Fail”

  1. cornfedgamer Says:

    Dance Dance Revolution has been around for a while. Maybe it’s lost that “cool” factor. Don’t give up hope, sounds like the Rock Band still brings them in.

  2. pcsweeney Says:

    HAHA I hate when that happens. I’ve had many of those. Don’t give up!! Never Surrender!! Just ask what they want and do that.

  3. geekylibrarian Says:

    Thanks for the support both of you. Indeed Rock Band is still doing well for us, and the feedback we’ve gotten has largely been do more Rock Band (well that and we should get an XBox).

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