April Fool’s?

Today I received an unusual e-mail, an offer to write a book that has something to do with libraries, and after some research I’m pretty sure it might actually be legitimate.  At worst it might be a form letter sent to anyone in the profession with some leadership experience (which member-at-large of the technical services section of the Mass. Library Association might count as).

So now I’m conflicted.  First of all are the doubts; it is April Fool’s day, I’m not exactly regarded as being an authority on anything (okay, maybe amongst Western Mass. catalogers I’ve got a rep as the comics guy), and if this actually is real I’m not totally sure I’ve got a book in me (or at least one anyone would want to read).

On the other hand, my professional philosophy is pretty much that I should accept any professional challenges that come my way, and that’s worked out pretty well so far.  It’s gotten me a supervisory job right out of school, a roll within our consortia, the aforementioned post within the MLA, and my relatively new role leading workshops.  So I’ll probably say yes to this too if it pans out, but I’ll be damned if I know how to go about it.

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2 Comments on “April Fool’s?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Did it turn out to be legit? Not just some crazy (and mean) april fool’s joke?

  2. geekylibrarian Says:

    Well I haven’t heard back yet. I’m still inclined to think that this wasn’t a joke, and that it was just a very general call for submissions.

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