Review: American Flagg! Vol.2

The second volume of American Flagg! finishes Howard Chaykin’s seminal run of the comic.  It’s pretty brilliant.  As I said in my review of the first volume, the series is one of the stand out comics of the last 25 years and the second half does an able job of fulfilling that volume’s promise.  The loose plot threads are wrapped up nicely and Chaykin’s manic, media saturated world is expanded on even more (I love the network’s attempt to sell Illinois when it becomes a poor investment).

About the only complaint I have with this book is that the conclusion is a bit too open ended.  While the ending is appropriate it leaves tons of new potential stories for the various characters (not to mention the newly civilized Canada) and dammit I want to read those stories!  And while they do exist, they sadly are not in print at the moment.  So please continue the series, even though it’s supposed to go downhill from here.

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