Review: 100 Bullets

The best ongoing series in comics came to its conclusion this week with the 100th issue of 100 Bullets.  In honor of this momentous occasion I’ve been rereading the entire series, which was actually necessary throughout the run to keep track of the plot.

Brian Azzarello’s story begins a a series of morality tales in which a stranger is presented with the means of getting away with murder (the title’s 100 untraceable bullets) and a motive for wanting to do so.  These were fascinating and well told stories, but they seemed like parts of an anthology and not an overall narative.

However, if you keep with the book you soon discover that all these tales (with the exception of 3 issues) are intricately linked.  There are reasons for the selection of the recipients of the magic guns and their targets, and it all ties into a conspiracy involving the most powerful people in America, the Trust, and their enforecers, the Minutemen.

The series, especially thanks to the contribution of its artist Eduardo Risso, is stylish, often brilliant, and never predicatable.  Over the last nine and a half years each issue to come out has been at the very top of my reading stack.  Its (slightly rushed) conclusion is going to leave behind it a  major void.  100 Bullets has been the greatest crime comic ever produced.  ‘Nuff said.

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