Review: Deadpool Classic Vol.2

Sick days (even when they coincide with weekends) are the best time to do some catch up reading, so I’m sorry for the deluge of reviews here at the moment.  

Anyway Deadpool vol.2, one of my absolute favorite comics from the mid 90’s has finally been collected, albeit in a very odd way.  The first volume contained the character’s first appearance, the first two (largely forgetable) mini-series to feature him, and the first issue of this series.  Why that 1 issue (which also marks to the start of a story arc that wraps up here) is in the first volume instead of the second is a complete mystery.

But stupid publishing decissions aside this is still a great book, not to mention the only reason the character is still around.  The Joe Kelly run, which hits its stride here in a story featuring Daredevil villain Typhoid Mary, has gained its reputation for a reason.  Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, is a ridiculous character, an assassin for hire with no internal monologue who can take a cartoonishly high amount of damage.  Every writer to tackle him with the exception of Kelly has played him up as a joke, and most recently he’s actually been written as being outright insane.

But Kelly actually tries to analyze the character in his stories, creating a deeply broken person who wants to improve himself but knows that he doesn’t deserve to be better.  And despite that sort of emo soul searching these issues are still funnier than those by any other writer to work on the character.  

These issues are also notable for launching the career of artist Ed McGuinness.  His pencils are an amazing fit for the character, somehow managing to convey the entire emotional spectrum with someone whose face is always covered.  The fill-in issue with Aaron Lopresti trying to ape Steranko on the other hand falls a bit flat.

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