Review: Freakangels Vol.2

Freakangels is Warren Ellis’ latest experiment with the comics form (for prior examples see Fell and Global Frequency).  This time around he’s playing with webcomics, publishing the series in weekly, six page, chunks with an eye towards collecting them in trade.  For the most part this works quite well, although the pacing, with its rapid scene changes takes a little getting used to.

The quality of the actual story depends a great deal on the reader’s exposure to other of Ellis’ books.  For him it’s fairly derivative actually, taking the century babies concept from his work for Wildstorm and combining it with the civil engineering focus of much of his science-fiction output.  Don’t get me wrong it’s very good, but Ellis does have a tendancy to repeat himself sometimes.  For those who have not read him before, this makes a great introduction to his work, actually it’s maybe the best book for that purpose.  But for the die hard Ellis fans, he’s done better.

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