Review: The Sheep Look Up

Finished reading John Brunner’s the Sheep Look Up today, and now I kind of feel like throwing myself out the nearest window.  This is far and away the most depressing story I have ever encountered.  Pretty much imagine every ecological and political disaster you can think of occuring at the same time.  Then realize that the book was written 37 years ago and that it hasn’t aged a day in all that time.

This book clearly isn’t for everyone.  It’s hardly an enjoyable experince to watch about 2 dozen characters get driven insane, poisoned, shot, starved, napalmed, forced into work gangs, and infected with just about every disease known to man.  But this is a great book, and in some circles an incredibly important book.  I recommend it highly, just be prepared for the mental state you’ll be left in when it’s finished.

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One Comment on “Review: The Sheep Look Up”

  1. Joachim Boaz Says:

    I agree on the gross out factor of The Sheep Look Up — however, as you probably realized, it’s a very important novel for the genre since it was one of the first ecological disaster novels ever written… and one of the best and by one of the best in the field. Check out his novel Stand on Zanzibar if you haven’t already — be warned, it’s quite experimental in format an a dense dense dense (yet rewarding) read.

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