Review: Runaways: Dead Wrong

Runaways has changed creative teams again, and on paper the latest team sounds brilliant.  For a writer you’ve got self-publishing legend Terry Moore, a master of character driven stories, and on art there’s Humberto Ramos, whose exaggerated, kinetic style ought to be a perfect match for the characters.  But the results of this collaboration fall a bit flat.

There are two interrelated stories at work here, neither of which really works for me.  The main plot involves a group of survivors from team member Karolina’s home world seeking her out to gain revenge for the destruction of their homeworld.  Why?  Because her parents were somehow involved and their guilt is apparently transferable to her (this coming from a race so honorable that they stop a firefight mid battle to get some bystanders out of the way).  This is combined with the b-plot, in which one of Nico’s spells backfires, causing the team to act like annoying charicatures of themselves.  I know what Moore’s going for with this, but it doesn’t tie into the main story strongly enough and on its own it just doesn’t read that well.

On the art side, this is one of Ramos’ more inconsistant books.  On one side, he never seems to get the hang of drawing Nico, and many of the action scenes come off as incredibly hard to follow.  But on the other, I would love for him to draw nothing but Molly Hayes for the rest of his career.  There’s an amazing two page scene with Molly and Klara just hanging out in preparation of building a fort that’s maybe the best thing I’ve ever seen from Ramos.  He really shines in some of the quieter moments in this story, which is not at all what I would have expected.

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