The Mark of Success

Yesterday I had the latest round in a series of discussions with a colleague about the poor quality of modern book bindings.  In particular this person is resistant towards purchasing materials for the library that have shown a marked tendancy to fall apart in the past.

This is a poor argument for a number of reasons, but I never seem to have much success at countering it with this person.  So here’s my case:

1) We have a part time staff member whose primary responsibility is to mend books, and she’s very good at it.

2) In the event that items can’t be repaired, they can certainly be replaced.  Books with cheap bindings have those bindings because they are cheap.  We can afford them.

3) Most importantly, books that fall apart from use is a great thing, it means they’re being read!  Buying one, cheap, book that circulates 15 times then dies is far better than purchasing a book with a binding that  costs 3 times as much but only goes out half as often.  

4) Longevity isn’t really meaningful to us as most books go out of date before they rot, and yes that can go for popular fiction as well as non-fiction.

This all makes sense, right?  Am I missing something that could build up my case?  Please let me know if you think so.

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