Maybe we should just spray paint them pink

One other holdover topic from the planning committee meeting this week.  Our catalog computers are not getting enough use aparently.  Now there are two schools of thought as to why this is the case.

On one side people feel we don’t call enough attention to them.  The solution if that’s the case is fairly simple, more signs, more training, more prominence.

But I’m on the other side that feels we made a mistake back in the day when it was decided to ensure that noone used those computers for more than a few minutes at a time.  To accomplish this, in a fairly subtle way the computers were made difficult to use.  They’re the oldest in the building (a few are going on 10 years), they’re locked down so they can’t be used for anything but searching the catalog, and they’re on desks that are uncomfortable and lack any extra room.  Thus amazingly, when you make something people don’t like to use they won’t use it.

The solution there is far more expensive, and thus sadly a bit more unfeasible right now.  But I think it’s also the way to go.

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