Flame War

This last week the latest round of fighting over the value of an MLS degree started on the Autocat mailing list.  And it didn’t take very long to turn ugly, so just to further the brawl I figured I’d throw in my own two cents.

An MLS is important if you want to progress in the field, for the sole reason that most of the good jobs require one.  However, I’m not convinced that a formal library science education will teach you anything that you couldn’t pick up through experience, and in many cases what you learn in school can conflict with the day to day work you do on the job.  Oh and of course those good jobs may not actually earn you enough money to make up for the cost of school in both time and money.  

Now I loved my time in school, and I’m glad I chose to get the degree, but the part time job I worked probably taught me more that I’ve since applied to my work than my education did.

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