Review: Showcase Presents Legion of Super-Heroes Vol.3

Last time I reviewed one of these I said I was finally starting to understand the appeal of the Legion, well with volume 3 I’m well and truly hooked.  This volume collects the earliest Jim Shooter stories and is where the series hits its stride.  The issues here introduce Shadow Lass, the Fatal Five, Universo, the Sun Eaters, the Controllers, the Dominators, the Dark Circle, and the Miracle Machine recently used in Final Crisis.

As you can imagine a lot happens here, and it’s all a lot of fun especially as this still falls into DC’s silver age and so Shooter is still doing the occasional silly story (the superpets revolt against their owners, the Legion are turned into babies, etc….).  But at the same time a few more serious stories come through in astonishing fashion.  A tale of the Legion teaming up with the Fatal Five and sacrificing one of their own to battle a Sun Eater threatening the galaxy takes a single issue.  A few decades later when the same story is essentially retold in the Final Night it had to be its own mini-series, complete with a multitude of tie-in issues.

Comics just aren’t written this way anymore, so thank God for reprints.

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