Power Down

So today this happened, leaving us without power for about four and a half hours.  The interesting thing is we stayed open the entire time (the emergency lights were on, the elevator and the alarms still worked).  And people stayed!  It was actually somewhat busy despite the lack of computers, wi-fi, decent lighting, and the ability to check out books.

But it was an even odder experience for me as I struggled to find work I could do that didn’t require my computer.  I got desperate and actually tried our typewriter before my brain started working again.  In the end I wound up rearranging our supply closet and cleaning out some old file folders.  I was also twittering quite a bit via my cell just to maintain some connection with the world (yes I am that sad).

But there was at least one other staff member who pulled out a laptop until the battery was drained completely and who at least attempted to tap into a signal from down the street.  We are now totally dependant on technology, and today we were crippled.

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