Last night I did something very bad and bought myself an X-Box.  Now the sad part of this is that I didn’t really get it to play games…well not directly at any rate.  

First and foremost I got it for the social environment.  Nearly everyone I know and rarely get to see is on it, so it’s a means of staying in touch.  For a gaming console it makes an incredible social platform.

But then there’s also the professional reasons.  I’ve picked up a reputation as the techy/gamer guy that actually extends beyond my own library.  Sadly this often translates to being a Mac guy which isn’t the case; this week alone I had to bow out of fixing both a MacBook and an IPod.  But I sort of feel forced into being more of a technogeek than I’m comfortable with sometimes because there aren’t enough others interested in steping into the role.  And occasionally that role means I have to buy myself a new toy.

And of course I’ve been wanting to play Gears of War.  Incidentally my gamertag is bibliomane

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One Comment on “Pressures”

  1. zandperl Says:

    You would think that buying a Microsoft gaming platform would remove the Mac tag from someone, but strangely it does not.

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