Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to the Hampstead, New Hampshire Library for starting an adult graphic novel collection.  But jeers to them for clearly not understanding the nature of the collection they’re putting together.  

As reported by Rich Johnston, the Eagle-Tribune interviewed the library’s director regarding their latest collection.  It’s sadly painful to read, both as a fellow librarian and as a comics fanboy.  What comes across is that the library has no grasp of this collection, and no sense of who its readers are.  Sorry to be so hars, but it’s true.  Choice bits include:

Calling graphic novels a separate genre from comics

Pointing out that some graphic novels contain both text and drawings

Claiming that graphic novels are primarily marketed at people who have trouble reading

And of course, the examples of books for the reading impaired are Black Hole and Jimmy Corrigan (with Maus and Y the Last Man being alluded to).


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