Awful Library Books

This is brilliant and I just have to share.  Boing Boing just brought to my attention Awful Library Books, a blog dedicated to encouraging libraries to weed.  The writers do this by showcasing some of the worst books still found on library shelves.  Sadly I think I’ve seen some of these.

Weeding can be painful, I can never bring myself to do it for my own collection (but sadly I’m running out of space for new bookshelves), but it is necessary and this blog really shows why that is.

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2 Comments on “Awful Library Books”

  1. zandperl Says:

    A number of these books seem to have value as historic/cultural references. How do you decide whether they’re worth keeping for that reason?

    • geekylibrarian Says:

      All depends on the collection development policy of the library. We have historical/cultural focuses within our collection to be sure, but items falling outside of those guidelines with dated information that haven’t given us circulation stats for a few years are destined to be weeded.

      Shelf space is at a premium, so cuts have to be made.

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