My laptop’s fixed!  My laptop’s fixed!  I love Dell’s tech support, it was actually a pleasure to go through them, with the exception of them being closed on Friday for the holiday, which is fair I suppose, just annoying.  But they really were amazing, the first time I’ve ever gone through tech support where they bipassed the “are you stupid” questions.  No “have you rebooted?”  No “have you checked the cable?”  No BS.    

Anyway, now that I’ve written the testimonial I’ll try to get back on track tomorrow, but right now I’m still in recovery mode, both in getting my system up and running and just resting up from a packed weekend.

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2 Comments on “Resurrection”

  1. zandperl Says:

    With one cable internet company I used in the past, instead of having muzak while you waited for a real person, they put you through an automated decision tree where you did the reboot and all that junk and then it told the tech what you’d already done when you finally got patched through to them.

    Apple’s tech support is based in Canada so they get different holidays off than us. Sorry, Macs are just cooler than PCs.

  2. geekylibrarian Says:

    Get a MAC (without a ridiculous Windows partition) to run Left 4 Dead and I’ll be a convert.

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