Review: Patient Zero

I’m sorry to say it, but Jonathan Maberry’s Patient Zero is the worst book I have read in quite some time.  It’s bad, really REALLY bad.

The high concept for the novel is pretty much 24, but with zombies.  It leans much more towards the former, which I’m not a fan of.  Their are quite a few glaring problems.  The worst part is the characters; everyone is essentially Bruce Willis in Die Hard, even the woman (OK fine, their are two women in the book, but the other one’s a rediculous mad scientist/terrorist).  Well then the other worst part is the protagonist’s best friend/therapist (seems like there’d be an issue maintaining professional detachment in therapy sessions) who for some unexplained reason winds up as a military advisor.  

Oh, and then there’s also the author’s horrible approach to building suspense.  Instead of earning it he just keeps stating that the zombies have gotten tougher in each chapter, without that ever being shown until the final few pages.  In every other chapter the zombies are said to be part of a new generation.  Now I’m sorry but thrills do not come from saying “see those guys over there?  They’re an 11.”  Right out of Spinal Tap.

About the only redeeming aspect of the book is that the explaination for the zombies is somewhat interesting.  Maberry has found a bit of pseudo-science that, in part, almost makes zombies sound plausible.  But the rest is crap.

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One Comment on “Review: Patient Zero”

  1. Mary Elizabeth Harrison Says:

    This is, without reservation, the single worst review I’ve read in five years. The reviewer obviously didn’t (or perhaps ‘couldn’t’) read the book, his comments are childish and uninformed, and …oh, the hell with it. It’s bad review of a very good book.

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