The Plan

After months of meetings, arguments, homework assignments, and grammatical nitpicking we have a long range plan!  Now it’s important to note that it is required that we have one in order to be eligable for a number of grants, besides that I’m not convinced it was worth the hassle.

Back when I was at school I took an entire class on the subject, and was left with the feeling that libraries would be much better off if they just sat down and got some work done.  Having done this for real now, my opinion hasn’t changed a whole lot.  It’s nice to get everyone on the same page, but we could have done that through our bi-weekly supervisors meetings as well.  The mission is potentially useful, but it also wound up being nearly identical to our old one.  I still don’t really get the point of the vision statement however (the role of the library if we were in Utopia).

But the meat of the document is of course the list of goals for the next five years.  Most of which are holdovers from the old plan, incredibly obvious (attract more patrons), or things that just foreshadow more meetings (draft new technology, marketing, collection development plans).

I know I’m being harsh here, and there is definitely some value to this document.  It’s critical that we have our goals in writing so we can have something to site when we come up short due to things outside of our control (budget cuts).  What bothers me is the process, which just seems to take up too much time and effort when compared to the benefit gained from the experience.  There must be a way to streamline this.

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