Review: Captain America: the Man with No Face

The latest Captain America collection from Ed Brubaker and company is sadly the weakest in the series to date.  Fortunately it’s still a pretty good superhero tale, just a generic one that doesn’t further the overall plot a bit.  This story solely exists to provide Bucky Barnes one story to shine in as Cap between taking on the role in the Death of Captain America epic and having to presumably give it up in the wake of the current Reborn story.

The tale takes Cap, Black Widow, and guest star Namor to China to confront some lose ends from Cap’s days as the Winter Soldier, namely the villain from the title (who can only be a knock off of the long deceased Daredevil villain, Deathstalker).  Brubaker also finds a way to bring in and salvage perennial joke villain, Batroc the Leaper.  Now I’ve always liked Batroc and it’s great to see that all it took to make him a more serious was to make it so he actually spoke French, eensted of talking like zis.

This isn’t a bad book by any means, it’s just that you can skip this 6 issues and be none the wiser.

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