Library Day in the Life: Wednesday

6:00 a.m.: Wake up to one of the more disgusting days outside.

6:45-8 a.m.: Eggs for breakfast, Spinal Tap on the Daily Show, and coffee which should go without saying.

8-8:45 a.m.: Played Major League Baseball on X-Box, beat Mariners 7-5.

9:00 a.m.: Time for work

9-10 a.m.: Working on contributions to consortia’s collection of educational materials, if only I could get the attachments around the spam filters.

10-noon: The last week’s worth of OCLC record requests are in!  Time for catch up cataloging

noon-1 p.m.: Starting in on day 2 of business book order.

1-2 p.m.: Home for lunch of frozen pizza while finishing the last two weeks worth of comics.

2-5 p.m.: Finish cataloging business books and the last of our gift books

5-6 p.m.: Staying after close for employee association meeting.  I get to take our meeting minutes while meta-documenting the action here.

6:30-9:30 p.m.: Lay down to watch the 3-D version of Coraline and some of the extras. 

10 p.m.: Off to bed

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2 Comments on “Library Day in the Life: Wednesday”

  1. wolfshowl Says:

    You took over an hour to eat breakfast???

    Does the 3D Coraline come with the snazzy hipster glasses we got in theaters?

    Also, you must live wicked close to work. That’s some short commute.

    • geekylibrarian Says:

      Breakfast is the best part of the day, I like to savor it. Plus I drink something like half a pot of coffee a morning, it’s pretty bad.

      The DVD only comes with the cruddy green and red cardboard glasses, but they do work pretty well once your eyes focus and if you follow the settings directions on the disc.

      And as for the commute, I live on the same block as the library.

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