In Need of a Really Awesome Speech


Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow

Yesterday was one of the highlights of this Summer for me, I went to Jacob’s Pillow to see a talk by/interview with Rachel Maddow on the role of the arts in society.  It was astonishingly good, despite Maddow’s self effacing critique that she was incapable of actually discussing the arts (although she did give a brief but intricately researched history of Ted Shawn, Jacob’s Pillow’s founder).


Maddow essentially had two points to make.  1) The arts matter, and that “artistic freedom is 1 of the measures a country can take to show its greatness”.  2) Support for the arts needs to become a national concern, in particular we are very much in need of “a really awesome speech” to promote them.  

Someone, get on that!

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One Comment on “In Need of a Really Awesome Speech”

  1. I’m envious! She’s my hero – exposing the GOP nonsense for what it is, courteous yet won’t be out-debated, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s wicked smart! The girl ROCKS! ‘Nuff said. Congrats for the in-person opportunity!

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