I stumbled into an annoying little project yesterday concerning ghost/co-writers.  Now, one of the ramifications of our budget cuts is that I am now responsible for cataloging adult fiction (which I love doing by the way, but I still dearly want my co-worker back).  

I’m flying through our latest order yesterday when I come across a copy of “Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of the Game” (that’s the title, it’s not actually written by Sheldon).  Problem time.  Our Tom Clancy books that are like this are cataloged under Clancy’s name, but the Eric Van Lustbader written Robert Ludlum novels are under Lustbader (with one copy erroneously under Van).  After much discussion it turned that everyone thought everyone else knew how we were supposed to handle these, and it was time for a new project.

So now we’re cataloging these as, for example, Fiction Ludlum/Lustbader.  But we’re only doing this for the books in which the author that patrons are more likely to look for (Ludlum) is not actually given credit for being an author.  Thus the Womens’ Murder Club books will still be cataloged as standard James Patterson books, and likewise the posthumous V.C. Andrews ones.  It’s a slightly annoying compromise, but I think it’ll work for us.

Now I just have to spend this morning tracking down 10 billions fake Tom Clancy novels.  ::grumble::

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3 Comments on “Beards”

  1. wolfshowl Says:

    I just gotta say, I hate Dewey. And I hate how arbitrary most public libraries are about splitting up their books. Like, over here is scifi, but this book that you think is scifi, I don’t think is, so we’re gonna put it in regular fiction. And these cool spinning racks we’ll just put whatever books fit on them and stick them on the end of the aisles! And on and on it goes. I get frustrated trying to find stuff in public libraries, and I’m a librarian!! There has *got* to be a better way.

    • geekylibrarian Says:

      I agree completely. In my library we do not subdivide the collection by genre, although we do put stickers on books for sf, mystery, western, and romance; and even that bugs the hell out of me. I waste so much time trying to work out if something is a mystery or a thriller, what sticker to use on western/romances, and of course trying to work out why we stopped at those 4 categories (s.f. gets singled out but not fantasy? WTF?)

      As for Dewey, I have kind of a love/hate relationship, particularly after the open shelves classification project on librarything. The basic principal isn’t bad, it could just use to not rely on base 10 and could use a bit of rearranging to avoid Dewey’s biases/bigotry.

      • wolfshowl Says:

        Amen brother. Good to know at least someone is fighting the good fight in cataloging. Now if you could just go to my local public library and explain this all to them….. 😉

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