Review: Dr. Bloodmoney

Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb,  is a pretty interesting book.  I think it’s the most successful of Philip K. Dick’s multiple perspective novels (such as the Man In the High Castle and Martian Time Slip), swaping seamlessly between 14 protagonists, only three of whom are at all likeable.  But despite the fairly despicable perspectives the reader is given, this is actually one of PKD’s more optimistic books.

The parallel title kind of says it all actually.  In the book Dick creates a world in which civilization more or less endures after the bombs drop.  Sure a few mutant freaks are born with Godlike powers, a few rats have to be eaten, and a few other rats evolve and learn to play nose flutes, but mankind does live on.  This might very well be the most atypical post-apocalyptic story ever written, but it’s also possibly the best.

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2 Comments on “Review: Dr. Bloodmoney”

  1. wolfshowl Says:

    Did you ever actually try to play a noseflute? It’s damn hard and kinda nasty 😉

  2. geekylibrarian Says:

    It’s probably for the betterment of the world that I don’t try. Me on a recorder was torture enough.

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