Review: Showcase Presents Batman Vol.2

The second Showcase Presents collection of Batman stories captures an interesting period in the character’s history.  Namely these are the comics published during the height of the Adam West show.  

It’s pretty clear that TV’s influence was starting to affect the comic.  The sound effects are plentiful, the puns from Robin are attrocious, and the number of costumed villains is begining to skyrocket.  

Now it’s that last bit that actually starts to make these comics feel like the Batman people have come to know.  Prior to this time many members of Batman’s rogues gallery were present, but more often than not he was just running up against fairly standard bank robbers and gangsters.  But in this collection that changes with the introductions of Poison Ivy (whose meerly a femme fatale in an Eve costume at this point), Blockbuster, the Cluemaster, the Outsider, and a bunch of forgettable gimick villains that don’t make the cut.  The book also brings back the Riddler, the Joker and brings Batman into contact with the rest of the DC universe thanks to appearances by Elongated Man and the Weather Wizard.

These are hardly great comics by any means, but they are a lot of fun and a key part in the character’s development.

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